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Sprockids emphasizes practicing an active lifestyle, taking responsibility for your own actions and having empathy for others! We cultivate this through drills, adventures and games. We highlight that fun and play is key to long lasting learning. Instructors focus on the importance of etiquette, fair play and leadership while emphasizing the critical role of self-esteem and confidence. We foster a strong sense of community that extends past our brand and into the tenets of “mountain bike culture,” such as reinforcing the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. Students learn what camaraderie is by interacting with their peers, all while learning new skills and concepts!

Our Goals


Sprockids teaches strategies that enable our participants to effectively handle conflict resolution with an emphasis on solution-based problem solving. We teach the importance of anger management, defusing conflicts, and learning to choose your battles. 

Life Skills

Sprockids teaches goal setting which is then reinforced through our tracking sheets where kids get stamps for each skill learned. Time management is another important aspect taught as it relates to cycling and an overall lifestyle. We speak about risk taking and how to safely take risks and confront anxiety. 


Sprockids San Diego provides a healthy outlet to youth through mountain biking, regardless of their ability, socioeconomic status, or other personal characteristics. We believe diversity is what makes our groups so special and our cohort style instruction fosters a thriving learning experience.


Our "Sprockids code of ethics" emphasizes the importance of trail advocacy, proper trail stewardship and the

importance of being a good custodian of our natural areas. Our instructors incorporate teaching points about historical facts and biodiversity within the areas of our trail rides. 

Future Leaders


I like riding because I like doing it with other people because it's fun and I love Spockids.. I like jumping my bike, cheerleading and gymnastics. My favorite part of Sprockids is being with people and most important having fun!


Community Leaders

Sprockids SD Community Leader

Sean Bascom

Board President &  PQ Community Leader

Sean founded Sprockids San Diego in early 2018. It catalyzed around his idea to provide a peer group for his daughters to ride with and has grown into an amazing opportunity for his family to give back to their community. Sean found the stoke of mountain biking at a very young age and has been an avid rider since. The fitness, peace of mind and community that mountain biking brings keeps him riding regularly. His qualifications include: Ride Guide, Level I Basic Skills and Level II Intermediate skills instructor from the Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP); he is designated as a Sprockids Leader from Giant/Liv Bicycles. Sean spent several years teaching in the US Navy and enjoys applying those skills to the program. He is grateful for the many incredible people and organizations that support the Sprockids San Diego program and enjoys stewarding it with his wife Ashley and two daughters, Braelyn and Teagan.

James | Sprockids San Diego Community Leader

James Bradford

Del Sur Community Leader

Since before he could walk, Jim has been engaging in the outdoors. As a child of the 70’s, the freedom he enjoyed in rural Pennsylvania was amplified dramatically when he first put a foot on a pedal.  In his 20s, Jim spent 10 years as a whitewater guide and certified whitewater kayak instructor. During that time, through hundreds of wilderness excursions, he honed his skills as a leader, caregiver, and teacher. He finds no greater joy than sharing the natural world with others and guiding youth toward self-discovery. 

As a father and resident of San Diego County, he has found mountain biking the perfect activity to engage his passion for the outdoors, love of technical skills, and sense of community, while enhancing time with his family. His goal at Sprockids San Diego is to share his experience and foster the wonderful community of riders we are creating!

Mark | Sprockids San Diego Community Leader

Mark Howden

Board Member & Escondido Community Leader

Mark Howden grew up on two wheels; from racing motocross to racing downhill, he has done it all. Following over a decade of service in the United States Navy, he has continued his service but in the form of youth mountain bike coaching. He loves the outdoors and extending his passion for mountain biking to our new generations and Sprockids San Diego provides him the opportunity to serve our Valley Center, Escondido, San Marcos, and Vista communities. A BICP certified instructor, experienced trainer, and energetic bicycle enthusiast, Mark has the ability to unlock hidden talents and help children grow in their mountain bike goals. Outside of teaching and riding, Mark is a graduate student at the University of Southern California (USC), a father to his own little shredder, and a husband.

Carmen Luna Headshot.jpg

Carmen Luna
Chula Vista Community Leader

Carmen Luna has a passion for mountain biking with a devotion for inspiring women and kids to ride! Her love for the sport started six years ago when her son joined the SoCal Interscholastic Cycling League mountain bike team.  This exposure to mountain biking sparked Carmen’s curiosity leading her to take the lead role in the development of the team. What started as curiosity became a way of life for Carmen and her family as they ride regularly and enjoy exploring trail systems when they are camping at races or in their free time. Carmen also finds significant joy in working with children. She has worked for the Chula Vista school district for the past 14 years and loves mentoring and encouraging her students in their extracurricular activities. Carmen is excited to be leading the Sprockids program in Chula Vista and appreciates that she can combine her two passions: mountain biking and being a coach for young athletes!

Stephanie Bana Headshot.jpg

Stephanie Bana
Mission Valley Community Leader

From sea to summit, Stephanie is a life-long adventurer. Growing up in eastern Connecticut, she has enjoyed outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and swimming since childhood.  She moved to San Diego 6 years ago, serving in the Navy. She currently serves as a Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer honing valuable skills in leadership and safety in a dynamic environment. In her free time, Stephanie actively seeks out all that Southern California has to offer. She especially enjoys the sport of mountain biking and the community that comes along with it. Her passion for teaching is present in all aspects of her life. She looks forward to being able to share her love of the outdoors and mountain biking through Sprockids San Diego.

Lucille Figueroa Headshot.jpg

Lucille Figueroa
Mission Valley Community Leader

An outdoor enthusiast, Lucy came out to San Diego 8 years ago as a Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer, served for 6 years and stayed here ever since! Always on the go, she enjoys any adventure, from horseback riding and snowboarding, to hiking and exploring the many trails offered here on her bike. Lucy’s passion for biking grew after several cross-country trips, where biking became one of the few sports she could do in any state. Lucy is part of the Rocky-Boy Ojibwe-Cree tribe of Montana and enjoys positive outreach and creating formative experiences for children in any capacity. Pursuing a Cognitive Neuroscience degree at UCSD, Lucy’s goals always gear towards finding ways to help people, whether if it’s in scientific laboratories or making smiles out on the mountain biking trails with kids. She looks forward to making new memories out on the trails, and becoming a part of the Sprockids San Diego team leaders in the near future!

Board of Directors

Along side Sean and Mark, the rest of our board members are committed to building the stoke for youth mountain biking!

Susie | Sprockids San Diego Board Member

Susie Murphy

Board Member

Susie Murphy has ridden mountain bikes for almost 30 years and likes nothing better than seeing kids out mountain biking on the trails and at bike parks!  Susie and her husband raised their two kids traveling to bike races, events, and cool places to ride. Susie was an elementary school teacher for 10 years before becoming the Executive Director of the San Diego Mountain Biking Association.  She is excited to be part of Sprockids San Diego and building the MTB stoke with kids in San Diego! 

Eric  | Sprockids San Diego Board Member

Eric Gasser


At a young age Eric started a small online bike shop and raced mountain bikes competitively for local retailer/grassroots teams. At the height of this mountain bike career, he was a 4x downhill champion in California, Idaho, Montana and Washington. Recently, he began MTB Cornering, a coaching and training program designed for executives and competitive athletes. He is excited to share his passion of mountain biking with youngsters! Outside of Sprockids, Eric is a co-founder of SEED San Diego, a private equity firm with a focus on San Diego based companies.

 | Sprockids San Diego Board Member Ashley

Ashley Bascom


Ashley loves being a part of Sprockids and riding with her husband, Sean, and their daughters.  Her passion for helping children aligns perfectly with the greater mission of Sprockids in providing physical and emotional wellness for kids.  Ashley enjoys how Sprockids brings people together by offering a family experience for all levels of riders.  Outside of Sprockids, Ashley works in education as a Dean of Counseling and Wellness.  She graduated from SDSU with a BA in English and from California Lutheran University with a MS in Counseling and Guidance.  

 | Sprockids San Diego Board Member Scott

Scott Isgitt

Board Member

Scott grew up in Dallas, Texas where has been an avid rider since he was 3.  He raced BMX until he was 18 and then picked up mountain biking shortly after college.  Scott has also been an avid rock climber for 30 years and has climbed and guided all over the world where he learned the importance of safety, leadership and the art of teaching others.  However, his primary love has always been his bike. Scott now lives in Leucadia with his wife Choo and daughter Railey "Ray Ray".  Whether Scott and Ray Ray are traveling to various bike parks, enjoying the local pump tracks or digging at the local trails, Scott's primary focus is getting more people on their bikes to enjoy the amazing sport of mountain biking.

 | Sprockids San Diego Board Member Allyson

Allyson Fenton Christou

Board Member

Allyson grew up in beautiful, tree-covered western Pennsylvania and has fond childhood memories of exploring the outdoors with her father.  She has experienced the positive impact that Sprockids has on kids through her 11-year-old son, who has participated in several Sprockids after school programs. Outside of Sprockids, Allyson helps nonprofit organizations secure grant funding, drawing on her past experiences as a federal employment law attorney and a regulatory attorney. Allyson holds a B.A. degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Juris Doctor degree from American University. Because of her family’s positive experience with Sprockids, Allyson’s whole family now bikes together - with her 11-year-old son leading the way!

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