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Mission Valley ~ Fundamentals I Clinic

A playful environment to learn essential mountain biking skills!

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The Sprockids San Diego Fundamentals I clinic teaches off-road skills and essential technique through drills, games, and fun activities.

Your rider will learn: bike safety and how to conduct an ABC bike check, importance of a properly fit helmet and a helmet check, about bike components and equipment, the three mountain bike essentials, what neutral and ready position are and how and when to use them, proper bike body positioning and separation, shifting gears and how to brake effectively. Skills are taught in a playful environment using our obstacles and playing games while on the bike!

This clinic is suitable for riders aged 7+ that are comfortable riding their bikes off-road. Event Details:

DATE: Saturday January 29th, 2022

EVENT TIME: 9:00 - 12:00

LOCATION: San Carlos Recreation Center: 6445 Lake Badin Ave San Diego, CA 92119

Please come ready with a geared mountain bike that is recently serviced and well working. Don’t forget to double check the chain, brakes and tire air pressure. Wear a properly fitted helmet (snug is important), closed toe sneakers and athletic clothing that is safe to ride in and weather appropriate. Well fed and hydrated riders tend to have the most fun! Please bring a water bottle and light snack.

We are EXCITED to announce that parents can now once again participate in our clinics and learn alongside your child. The same skill, equipment and bike requirements stated above apply for parents and you must also book yourself a ticket.

* Scholarships are available for families that would like to participate at a reduced rate, please inquire through any inquiry box on the website *

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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