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Mt Laguna ~ Adventure Clinic

Small group, destination, trail oriented clinic!

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Bring your young riders out to explore San Diego's very own Mt. Laguna! This is an intermediate Sprockids Adventure. Our guides will lead the ride into Mt Laguna exploring iconic trails such as "Gatos" and the "Big Laguna Trail." Come out and learn with us as we expand upon your riders knowledge including balance techniques, cornering into berms, how to descend rocky technical trails as well as what trail speed is and why it is important.

Riders suitable for this adventure will have a reasonable grasp of bike-body balance techniques, steering and cornering as well as braking. They should overall be confident handling their bike on intermediate, or blue, trails. Expect to ride 10-12 miles with 1,000 feet of elevation over the course of the day. We will be taking a lunch break mid day, please pack a hearty lunch and trail snacks.

This event is held off of Sunrise Highway starting at a nearby campground. Directions will be provided to registered participants within 48 hours of the event start. It is approximately a one hour drive from central San Diego to the trailhead.

LOCATION: San Diego - Mt. Laguna

EVENT DATE: July 23rd, 2022

EVENT TIME: 9:00AM - 1:00PM.

We are EXCITED to announce that parents can now once again participate in our clinics and learn alongside your child. The same skill, equipment and bike requirements stated above apply for parents and you must also book yourself a ticket.

We look forward to riding with you in Mt. Laguna!

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